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There is no substitute for experience. Dr. Perraut, Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Virginia, has over 20 years of ophthalmic expertise and has spent more than 12 years performing laser eye surgery. He has personally performed over 50,000 successful LASIK procedures. When choosing a doctor to perform your LASIK surgery, it is important to select one who will employ the best possible strategy to produce better results, improve your vision, and enhance your quality of life. Dr. Perraut is a Johns Hopkins University fellowship-trained Vitreoretinal Diseases and Surgery specialist. He has had LASIK eye surgery himself, which allows him to understand exactly what you’re going through and work with you to achieve your long-desired better vision.

A Leader in LASIK Technology

Dr. Perraut and his staff are always at the forefront of technology. Dr. Perraut treats each patient as if they are one of his closest friends or relatives, taking the time to make each person feel relaxed, helping them overcome their fears and answering every one of their questions honestly and thoroughly. Dr. Perraut is a skilled surgeon with experience in all forms of the most sophisticated laser eye surgeries. During your FREE consultation, he will discuss with you your candidacy for laser eye correction and help you choose the best options and procedures for your desired goals. Together, you and Dr. Perraut can achieve the highest definition vision possible.

Personalized Dedication

No one is more dedicated to serving the members of Central Virginia and the Frederick Tri-State Areas than Dr. Perraut. His world-class accomplishments, active lifestyle, and devotion to his family and friends establish Dr. Perraut as a person who can relate to any patient’s needs and deliver the results they want. Dr. Perraut has been a prominent doctor in these communities since 1999. Ask around and you will likely find someone whose vision he improved!

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